John Drew Peterson 
 Winter '08-'09 - Solo 


DatePeak / Peaks  #
December 26 Eisenhower & Pierce 1-2
December 29 North & South Kinsman 3-4
December 30 North & South Hancock 5-6
January 2 South & Middle Carter 7-8
January 3 Waumbek 9
January 4 Field, Willey, Tom 10-12
January 6 Isolation 13
January 9 Jackson 14
January 10 Wildcat "A" & "D" 15-16
January 13 E. Osceola & Osceola 17-18
January 14 Tecumseh 19
January 17 Moosilauke 20
January 19 Cannon 21
January 20 Lincoln & Lafayette 22-23
January 22 Galehead, South & North Twin 24-26
January 24 Liberty & Flume 27-28
January 27 Owl's Head 29
January 31 Garfield 30
February 1 North & Middle Tripyramids 31-32
February 2 Whiteface 33
February 5 Carrigain 34
February 8 Cabot 35
February 9 Passaconaway 36
February 11 Hale & Zealand 37-38
February 16 Washington & Monroe 39-40
February 17 Jefferson 41
February 25 Moriah 42
February 28 Carter Dome 43
March 1 Adams & Madison 44-45
March 5 Bondcliff, Bond, West Bond 46-48

I decided to attempt this last summer as a result of a strong desire to know the New England mountain landscape more thoroughly.The eastern skyline from where we live in northern Vermont is etched by the outlines of Moosilauke, the Franconias, Twins, and Presi's. Their pull can be quite powerful, and even though I live & hike in these Green Mtns., the Whites have always been special, perhaps because I grew up and started hiking there. Hiking them all solo occurred to me as I got down the list and had only done one - the first, Carter Dome on 12/23/08 - in company. It was a great privilege to do them this way. The importance of knowing all the trails in advance cannot be overstated, particularly going alone. I lost many trails many times despite multiple previous visits to them all. Winter snowpack and drifting create places that don't even exist the rest of the year. Decades of winter hiking and mountaineering also helped with comfort level, confidence, and knowledge of how far my energy could be expected to last. When you're neck deep in a spruce trap on Mt. Bond with no one around for ten miles, those factors can make a big difference. Finally, solo or not, no one does this without help along the way. The mentoring and route-finding tutelage I received from Ed Hawkins in particular saved me from a steeper learning curve. Other seasoned hikers also gave encouragement and good advice, among them Jim Gagne, Eric Rathbun, Cath Goodwin and Bob Martin. My wife Maryellen gave her blessings as well as support! Thanks everyone - see you out there!

~ Drew Petersen Duxbury, VT